Hang-off assemblies

We know that Hang-off operations play a decisive role when connecting up wind turbines at sea This is why our specialists conduct this work with the utmost care. In doing so, we make sure that no aggressive sea air or salt water enters the system interior at the neuralgic transfer point, which would result in having to pull a new cable.

Cable installations and assemblies

When working on electrical installations on wind farms offshore, one important thing is needed: experienced staff with the technical ability to do the job correctly. That’s why EKS is here. Our technicians know exactly the difficulties involved when installing larger than arm-thick cables and assembling terminations, making sure that connections are sound and reliable.

Fiber optic installation and assemblies

The operation, control and monitoring of offshore wind farms and clusters cannot function without control cables.  This is why we not only provide installation services for power cables but also include the installation of fibre optic cables in our work scope, giving you integrated services from a single source- something not everyone can offer.

Fiber optic repair and termination

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DC Voltage testing on cable insulation jackets

Once assembly is completed, measurement procedures follow. After cables have been installed and prior to start up activities, our experts test the cable insulation jackets for external damage in accordance with DIN VDE 0276. Depending on the voltage level of the cables and the thickness of the insulation jacket and also in line with your specifications and those of the manufacturer, we use direct current (DC) between two and ten kilovolts for most testing procedures.

Testing of cable core insulations

During insulation testing of the cable cores we also check the assembly and installation work that has already been completed in accordance with DIN VDE 0276.  The necessary offshore equipment for this is permanently available at EKS and can be used anywhere at sea.  As in all measurements procedures, exact documentation of the insulation testing result is made.

Cable diagnostics on internal and external power lines

In addition to normal insulation testing services, we also provide cable testing diagnostics using OWTS-measurements. We have state-of-the-art specialised OWTS diagnostic equipment at hand for medium and high voltage cables between ten and 250 kilovolts, enabling us to create an accurate fingerprint of installed cables, which can be used for analysis later.


We also check fibre optic cables after work has been completed. Using ODTR measurement, the continuity of glass fibres is documented, enabling you to evaluate the speed, reliability and stability of your networks.